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The Hottest Adult Film Stars from Colorado

Several pornstars emerge from Colorado, but the four which would be detailed here are all special, and they are one of a kind.

 1. Abbey Andrews: First on the list is the electable brunette Abbey Andrews. She is an epitome of beauty beyond negotiation. She didn’t stay long in the industry, she just came and left, but she had a stunning body which was to die for. She is from, and she also came along with a down to earth appeal. She was featured in two sex videos, and they were both shots with an interval of some few days between them in August 2002. She first appeared in REAL FEMALE MASTURBATION, and this was a solo just like the name implies. The second sex video was UP N C*MMERS 105. This was when she went further into the solo world.

2. Juli Ashton: When talking about the hottest pornstars in the industry, Juli Ashton is the , she has blue eyes which are quite gorgeous, blonde hair and her legs have been described as “best in the business.” She is from Colorado, but she took her first steps in the porn world in California. She also lives in Florida where she happened to be a school teacher. She loves computers and the internet. She was well promoted because of her manager and Contract Company before she agreed to sign an exclusive contract, she later appeared in some scenes for Wicked Pictures. Though she is a great lover of the outdoors, she never gets to enjoy it. Most times, she is either working or trying to answer a fan’s mail. She answers all her mail even though it takes time for her to respond.

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3. Jordan Styles: This Pornstar was born 1981, on December 24. She was also born in Colorado, and She is Caucasian with a gorgeous brown/blonde hair. She has tattoos on her lower back and right shoulder blade also. She has piercings on her tongue, lower lip an also her clit.

4.Chessie Moore: This is a very busty pornstar, and she happens to possess one of the biggest tits in the industry. She is a sexy blonde that entered into the hardcore industry after working briefly as a nude model in men’s biker magazines. She also looks like the dream of every biker with her tasty and massive tits that has a back side which would tempt any man and even that slutty facial expression.