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4 Reasons why Explainer Videos Should Be Short

Explainer videos are now a must-have for any serious online entrepreneur.  Both Google and online visitors are divorcing plain text blogs. If you do not have a video on your site, it is difficult to achieve the top positions. This is so even with a mouth-watering content.

Notably, the content predictors are saying that YouTube might be the largest search engine by 2020. However, you may have cool videos that are offering every bit of information necessary for your customer decision making.  Your viewers are growing at a chameleon rate. Remember, don’t just make a video, make an impression. Upon consulting online video experts, they advise you to go the short videos way. But why should your explainer videos be short? Here are the reasons:

Viewers have limited attention

The first reason why your videos should be short is attention span. According to statistics, the average span of online viewers is 8 seconds. People will only concentrate on a video for this limited time.  For this reason, you need to ensure that you have utilized the limited span of concentration and drove your message home.

 In fact, the online norm of modern video making is keeping it short and sweet. Short videos always go viral. Also, short explainer videos are easy to understand and get the right message.

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Driving the right message home

One reason for the rising demand for short videos is their ability to ease a complex message. Imagine trying to explain how a tractor engine works to a customer using a written document. You try to tell them the part below the driver’s seat, few inches above the oil tank, adjacent to the gearbox, and the left side of the oil tank is called a siphon.  You can agree that this slight sentence is confusing and hard to understand.

However, passing the same information through an explainer video will only take a millisecond. Hence, short videos are a good way to drive your point home within the limited attention moment.   

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Quality is always what matters

Yes. No one can confirm that the longer the video, the higher the quality.  A short video that has a higher quality can go viral because of one reason – it is short. As you know, people have limited time to focus on an issue. A person will always look at the length of the video be for click on the play button. Even though your videos might be of high quality, if they exceed the viewer’s limits of short videos, watching them will be imagination. For this reason, quality and short videos always get higher views and impacts than the latter.

Enhance sharing

If you found two videos one which is 10 minutes long and another one with a length of 1 minute, which one are you likely to share with your peers? Of course, the later will carry the day. A short video always encourages high sharing rate. People will always pass on a funny, entertaining, short video to their peers.

Remember, you can turn bored friends by sharing long and tedious videos. Who would want to spend a whole hour watching a video about Apple products or Nike versions? Maybe the company’s presidents. Otherwise, if you’re going to enhance the sharing and promotion of your explainer videos ensure they are short.

Bonus: Cost effective

No one would love to spend a $100 to make a video for communicating information that can be done with a budget of less than $20. Cost efficiency is a goal that every business person seeks to achieve.  In this essence, apart from other benefits, short videos will always save your production expenses. Thus, if you want to save an extra coin and lower your marketing costs, go for short explainer videos.

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