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Which design of explainer video is best for your company?

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Explainer videos are effective way to sell your product and get customers attention span. If done correctly, they can provide boost in conversion rates as much as 80%. However, this brings many questions in our mind. Such as, how do you choose between different styles of explainer videos? And what's makes 2D explainer video differ from [...]

Whiteboard Explainer Videos

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A whiteboard explainer video is when an image is drawn out and a background voice explains what is happening. In a whiteboard explainer video, each frame explains one certain thought. Moreover the voice over is given emphasis as it helps explaining the certain thought. Even though there is more emphasis on the voice over, it does [...]

Why Companies Choose Animated Explainer Videos over Live Action

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Greater chance of being watched The human brain associates animated videos with entertainment as it reminds most of us of the cartoons we watched during our childhood. Unfortunately this is not the case with live action explainer videos. Almost all TV ads are created with the help of live action, therefore when an individual watches a [...]