Why Companies Choose Animated Explainer Videos over Live Action

//Why Companies Choose Animated Explainer Videos over Live Action

Why Companies Choose Animated Explainer Videos over Live Action

  1. Greater chance of being watched

The human brain associates animated videos with entertainment as it reminds most of us of the cartoons we watched during our childhood. Unfortunately this is not the case with live action explainer videos. Almost all TV ads are created with the help of live action, therefore when an individual watches a live action video they are more likely to associate it to TV commercials. Therefore people who do not like seeing ads are most likely to ignore such videos.

  1. Freedom to portray your brand image the way you imagined

Live action explainer videos usually involve one or more actors explaining the product. This process is bound to cost you a lot of money. On the other hand when producing an animated explainer video you have the freedom to be as creative as you wish to be. You can also work with graphics and visuals to get your audience amazed by your creativity. Furthermore, an animated explainer video helps you portray an image of the product that best fits in the life of your customers.

  1. Perfect for businesses that need visual metaphors to explain abstract surroundings

Nowadays businesses aim to use technology to solve problems that their customers may face. However it is hard to understand technology as it is a conceptual concept. It is hard to explain the complex structure and features that show how amazing your product is. This is where animated videos come in use. With the help of animated videos you can use graphics and visuals to explain abstract concepts to all your viewers. You can show things that generally cannot be seen such as what happens inside a computer, a machine etc.

  1. Animated videos help you tell your brand story

While creating live action videos you have to spend time setting up the camera, equipment, crew, lights and a lot more and you have to pay a lot to get access to these resources. On the other hand when producing animated videos, you do not have to worry about any of those resources and can simply focus on your brand story.

  1. Post-production: Easy to make edits

After creating the entire video, it is easier to make changes to animated videos, while it is much more difficult to do that with live action videos. Furthermore, making edits to live action videos can cost you more money.

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