Which design of explainer video is best for your company?

//Which design of explainer video is best for your company?

Which design of explainer video is best for your company?

Explainer videos are effective way to sell your product and get customers attention span. If done correctly, they can provide boost in conversion rates as much as 80%. However, this brings many questions in our mind. Such as, how do you choose between different styles of explainer videos? And what’s makes 2D explainer video differ from whiteboard animation video?

Different demographics are appealed by different types of design style of explainer videos. This article will walk you through available formats and when to use each style to get optimal results.

2D Explainer Videos

2D explainer videos are also called as motion graphics and/or cartoon animation videos. These videos help you increase your sales and be the winner. Not only sales, they can also create an impact of your brand during conferences, investor pitches, trade shows, events and anywhere else the company makes contact with the public.

2D animated explainer videos are already being used by large number of businesses on their sites, landing pages, advertising, social media, etc. Such videos get more appeal from people of 25-45 ages. The 2D animated video category also includes cartoon videos, loved by many consumers. Such style is mainly used by B2C companies like App providers and SaaS companies that want to show their fun and light-hearted brand.

Motion graphics are helpful in quick explanation of process, or how product works or why a certain service matters. They help make anyone understand well. If you want to make 2D explainer video for your business, keep in mind some best practices. Keep them short, colourful, dynamic, highlight benefits of products, and professional.

Whiteboard explainer videos

Whiteboard videos are mostly popular with the 40+ age demographics. If you want to explain your services or products in detail then such videos are right choice. For this reason, they are more likely to be slower and longer than 2D explainer videos. Their running time is from 3-5 minutes or more. Best part of whiteboard explainer videos is that they break down complex process or concept into simple step-by-step easy to understand concept. These videos can be used in both B2B and B2C businesses. Since viewers watch as the pictures being drawn, this makes whiteboard explainer videos even more interesting.  Also, they are easier to make than 2D videos and budget friendly, which is an added benefit to users.


Both types of style of explainer videos can work well for your business, depending on your budget, type of industry, and your demographics.

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