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Top Activities in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is a county situated on the Northern side of Monterey Bay in the U.S. state of California. This beach town offers an extraordinary number of attractions and activities for locals and visitors.

Getting in Santa Cruz is easy, you can either fly into Los Angeles International airports and drive North along the famous Highway 1, which will take you along the coast of California or you can fly in San Francisco and drive South, about 113 kilometers to Santa Cruz. Either way, you can drive along Highway 1 with its amazing views of the Pacific coastline.

If you are a nature lover, this small city won’t disappoint and offers spectacular marine life and dramatic scenery. Best of all, if you want to watch talented and top surfers in action, this is the perfect place to find them as this is where surfing was originally introduced.

From family fun beaches to redwood forests, to seaside amusement park and surf spots, this town has plenty to offer the adventurous tourist and Outdoors enthusiast.

Here are the top activities you can do while exploring Santa Cruz;

Surfing Lesson

Here in Santa Cruz, you can get a surfing lesson at popular surfing institutions. With 46 kilometers of beautiful beaches, it’s the perfect spot to hit the beach and have fun with the waves.

Explore Redwood Forests

As amazing as the coastline is here, this is not just a beach town. Santa Cruz also has majestic redwood forests just a short drive away from the South Bay. In this iconic forest, you will see the tallest tree species in the world, huge park and wonderful walking trails. Definitely, exploring this forest is a great way to see the authentic beauty of nature at its best.

Experience Thrill Rides At Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Enjoy hot rides and free entertainment at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. It’s an oceanfront park and one of the nation’s oldest seaside amusement parks. With admission-free and affordable rides, you will experience heart-pounding adrenaline rush rides, historical landmark rides, indoor arcade, bowling center and a lot more.

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