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Whiteboard Explainer Videos

A whiteboard explainer video is when an image is drawn out and a background voice explains what is happening. In a whiteboard explainer video, each frame explains one certain thought. Moreover the voice over is given emphasis as it helps explaining the certain thought. Even though there is more emphasis on the voice over, it does not mean that the graphics play a less important role, it just shows that the voice over is mainly what tells the story. There are many benefits of using whiteboard explainer videos, and below are some of the benefits.

  1. Cost efficient means of marketing

Whiteboard explainer videos cost less as compared to the other types of explainer videos as it does not take much effort to make these videos. An individual can get a whiteboard explainer video for $50 per 30 seconds or less which is quite cost efficient. For companies that have a low budget for marketing, and want to use videos as one of their marketing strategies should definitely make use of whiteboard explainer videos. Moreover the timeframe to create whiteboard explainer videos are much shorter which mean that it can be created in a short period of time.

  1. High engagement with simple imagery

Engagement is another great benefit of whiteboard explainer videos. Unlike animated explainer videos, whiteboard explainer video directs the eye of the viewer to certain points. In the whiteboard explainer video, the concept is drawn out in certain portions this gives a sense of curiosity to the viewers and they will have to keep watching the video to see what comes next. Secondly it keeps the viewers highly engaged with the video.

  1. Ease of production

As mentioned earlier whiteboard explainer videos are easier to create as compared to animated explainer videos or live action. The main reason for this is because whiteboard explainer videos use still images and a bit motion to give the viewers that dynamic feel. Each frame usually has only one thought to focus on which is portrayed in the form of images.

Where can whiteboard explainer videos be used?

Whiteboard explainer videos can be used for multiple reasons such as selling a product, adding value to it and most importantly explaining the product. Most of the time companies use these videos when introducing a new product. These videos are usually found on home pages of the company’s website and on social media sites such as Facebook, as that is where the most traffic is generated.

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